The goal of astrology is the alchemy of personality. It is to transform chaos into cosmos, collective human nature into individual and creative personality.

~ Dane Rudhyar

Astrological counseling with Rose is a powerful and constructive way to weave the themes of your natal chart.  Through an intimate process of an ongoing conversation–we dive deeper into your natal chart, explore the themes and dynamics of your experiences and how those are working in partnership with your natal chart–acting as catalysts to your own awakening. 


This work is intended for you to feel supported, guided, and empowered to maximize the interworkings of your natal chart–to work constructively with the transiting and progressed planets.  Astrological counseling is powerful, transformative, and reassuring.  Rose works with each client differently depending on your needs and goals.  Below you'll see a detailed description of different options available to you. 


For VIP counseling, Rose only works with a handful of clients at a time. Please email to inquire, and or read more below: 

Astrological Counseling is seeped in planetary alchemy, which means working with the cycle of each planet as it pertains to you. 

Receive an in-depth email on the first of every month with major astrological transits as they pertain to you personally i.e. New and Full Moons, and any retrogrades or planetary ingresses. You can personalize these if you have travel dates, deadlines, goals + It's an effect and powerful way to work with planetary timelines.


Life-changing.  Not only will you come to understand yourself and your relationships on the deepest level, but you will come to understand that you are connected to something mighty and that you are a co-creator of your reality.  VIP Counseling is customized for each person depending on your individual needs.  You will have regular access to email correspondence with Rose–to answer questions, look at specific dates (Electional astrology), to look at the charts of others in your life–to see what dynamics are at play in your relationship with them (Synastry astrology), etc.  This package includes weekly calls, emails, a 30% VIP discount on all other services and products, and a complimentary solar return reading each year on your birthday. 


Receive in-depth weekly emails related to the transiting planets in conjunction to your natal chart, called a weekly horoscope.  These emails are intended to work with the planetary time cycles and to help you align with the planetary cycles–to maximize their potency.  These are essentially a short weekly narrative on the astrological landscape for the coming week–filled with spiritual symbolism, meditations, and relevant recommended sources for you to intentionally work in tandem with the sky overhead. 


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