strology to me is about choice and a path to change–it's a way to heal yourself, to move forward with confidence, dignity and self-love.

Rose is a celebrated astrologer, writer, and curator.  She believes astrology should be empowering and aesthetic.  Her deep love and vast knowledge of astrology are accompanied by a rich background in neuroscience and art history degree from UCLA; which has been the backdrop for her success in the marrying of astrology and aesthetics.  Intrigued by the healing effects of aesthetic choices i.e color, scent, and food, etc. and how they are continually reflected in the natal chart, Rose weaves the two uniquely in her work. 


She has studied astrology for more than twenty years, and practiced professionally for eight.  She is intuitive, has an innate understanding of human psychology, and a wide breadth of expertise that color her readings. 

Rose offers insightful, healing readings and in-depth counseling.  She also hosts international retreats where she shares her love and knowledge of astrology and curates unique experiences related to the astrological landscape. 

Rose is a regular guest on Maria Menounos' radio show, Conversations with Maria and is currently the resident astrologer for Clique Media's Byrdie Beauty and O.P.I.  Rose has previously been a guest on BBC One, E!Entertainment's live red carpet for the Oscars, Khloé (Khloe Kardashian app), PopSugar ++.

Rose is bicontinental based in Madrid and Los Angeles.  She has a broad international clientele and counseling practice, and more than anything loves to support people on an inward journey of self-discovery, in a non-judgemental, supportive, and healing atmosphere.

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