The universe is comprised of one mind, one body, expressing itself into infinite possibilities.

"The astrological language is a powerful tool to speak soulfully and directly to individuals, through thoughtful application of color,

language, and imagery."

Rose's educational background of art and neuroscience has been the backdrop for her unique take on the marriage of aesthetics and astrology, specifically the human response–neurologically and psychologically to color and language.  She found that a person's astrological make-up heavily influences aesthetic preferences such as color, scent, style, music, and food–all of which have the power to support a healthy lifestyle.  What we choose to wear, eat, listen to, and consume impacts our health and wellbeing, and can greatly enhance life if we are consciously aware.  Her innovative approach to astrology as a Lifestyle inspired the launch of Sense Astrology–a unique content and brand partnership platform; that aims to strengthen the relationship between brands and their consumers in a more conscious, elegant, heartfelt approach through carefully curated content and the astrological language. 

Rose started E! Entertainment's online street style blog in 2016 based on astrological transits and created the first ever color-astrology nail studio concept in Los Angeles with Enamel Diction in 2014. 

She has curated unique content, brand activation, and exclusive experiences for: 

CartierDoveEsteé Lauder, OPI, 

Birch BoxFender, Laura Mercier,  

Wanderlust Hollywood, The Den Meditation Studio, Swarovski, Clique Media Group, Kelly Wearstler's Avalon Hotel,  HeartofVIP, Byrdie Beauty, MyDomaine, The Zoe Report, Addidas, Santa Monica Museum of Art, now ICA, Gagosian, The Getty Museum, and more. 

If you are interested in partnering, want to make a product, or your brand more meaningful–to speak more consciously and directly to your customers, or have an event idea and want to use the astrological landscape to make it thoughtfully curated, or ceremonial–email us. 

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