I am truly grateful for each and every day that I am able to live and breathe my lifelong passion and to share it with you.

Thank you. – Rose

" I pay gratitude for Rose Theodora each day upon waking. Rose is one of the leading guides and angels I hold dear to my heart for all that she’s assisted me with my devotion to my soul path. I’ve been working with Rose both as a colleague and as a client continuously over the past 3 years. I truly believe Rose's brilliant work results from her expansive knowledge in astrological intellect, as well as intuitively understanding astrology like no-one I’ve ever crossed paths with. Her knowledge, deep intuitive wisdom and authentic devotion to spiritual practice are the ingredients that formulate the magic that is Rose Theodora.   


Gifting myself the package of weekly horoscope’s and a weekly call with Rose has been one of the greatest gifts I’ve ever given to myself. It has been the landscape for where I have deeper insights into my conscious behaviors, subconscious lens, my past lives, relationships with myself and others and archetypal patterns. 

Rose guides you like a beautiful priestess helping you navigate your pathway while truly embodying a richer more joyful experience of life here on the planet."

–Joy Dushey, Holistic lifestyle coach and Esoteric healer

"Rose gave me an astrology reading several months ago and I didn't know what to expect. I was amazed by the great amount of information the reading gave me regarding my personality, life purpose, strengths, and lessons that are helping me grow and overcome obstacles in my life. Everything that Rose told me was relevant and significant to understand my path. I am blown away by how the reading has helped me make better and higher choices for myself in my career and in relationships. I highly recommend a reading with Rose,"–Regina, Psychiatrist


"Rose has numerous qualities that are unique and distinctive. To begin, her absolute passion for giving her clients in-depth insights in their astrological charts. Rose instills a trust in her clients and her natural abilities come across during readings. She is professional and skilled and clearly loves what she does. Rose has an ability to empower and bring out the best in an individual." –Fausta, Healer



"Rose Theodora is a gifted sensitive. Her extensive knowledge, unbridled enthusiasm and passionate curiosity for astrology as both a science and an art comes through clearly in her readings. Rose's penetrating intuition and clarifying readings have provided me with new insights in many areas, a few examples being: energy flows, blockages, habits, strengths, relationship networks, past lives, higher callings, and destiny. Readings with Rose are clear, clean, and full of love and wonder for the stars and the mysteries of human behavior."

–Laura, Museum director 

"I've worked with other astrologers and solemnly swear by Rose's monthly counseling.  I've been a VIP member for the past five years and can honestly say that Rose helped me overcome a very difficult time in my life, losing a child.  I finally see light, and she helped me to get there."–Josephine


"Working with Rose has been a journey. She has opened doors and beliefs I never thought I had. More than anything she has brought to life a belief in myself. Everyone needs a savior; she has been mine."–Codi, Artist                                                                                                                                     

"Rose is a lifesaver!  When she explains to me what energies are in play and how to take positive action even the most negative times can be enlightening!  It helps to know which direction the flow is going if you want to 'go with the flow' of life. Rose's charm and humor makes her astrology so much fun! She's obsessed and brilliant in her searching the stars for answers. Thanks, Rose, I am blessed to know you!"

–Deborah, Actress, and Mother


"Dear Rose, Your approach to astrological reading is both accurate and profound. Having experienced over-generalized readings in the past mixed with confusing esoteric planetary language, I found it so refreshing that you translated the information in a way that was easy to understand and truly resonated. I left feeling inspired, empowered, and so full of gratitude. You truly helped me to know myself more deeply and open another chapter of my journey!"

–Sat Devbir Singh, Guru and ordained minister


If you are ready to embrace change, I highly recommend Rose's astrological services.  She's insightful, intuitive, and ingenious. This is an investment you can't afford not to make."–Joshua, LA Phil.


"Rose is an incredibly gifted astrologer. Her passion and deep appreciation for astrology shines through in her readings that will only make you love yourself more.  Because of her, I have developed a clarity about my life that would have never been possible.  She is a sweet soul and joy to work with."–Leela, World Traveler     


"I didn't know what to expect when I was introduced to Rose.  I had never met an astrologer before.  She honestly freaked me out during our first reading.  I had always been skeptical about astrology.  A year later after almost everything she shed light on seemed glaringly obvious, I now return annually for a birthday reading." Laurelanalyst                                                                                                                                          

"Rose is unsuspecting. Her knowledge is profound and she had me floored–for someone to articulate what only you think in your mind is nothing short of auspicious."–Christian, actor.

"I write this statement because years ago I met an ANGEL that came to me when I was at a not so great point in life….That ANGEL is  Rose!


Thanking the Universe daily for putting Rose in my path years ago.


Rose has been doing my reading over the phone for years, she is always there when I need her,  always spot on with what is happening in my life,  which is pretty incredible after many years.  She has walked me thru a dark time in my life when I didn’t have hope or could not see the glimmer of light at the end of the tunnel because of fear.  


Rose has guided me back to happiness, success and enjoying life!


I know there are many readers, psychic, life coaches out in the world today, but trust me with Rose you will get the best, she gives you all of her heartfelt dedicated time.  

Rose has become part of my life and one of the most incredible women I want most around me now in my life, with her by my side I feel I can conquer anything! If you need help with a path or direction book a session with Rose. "–Bridget, 

Fashion director 



"I have worked with Rose for eight years, and swear by her work.  She is integral, passionate, and truly gifted.  I recommend her services to everyone.  She is a necessity." –Elliot, Hedge Fund Manager



"You are an ever-burning light. Thank you for being a sacred support system for me in my life. I truly feel you changed my life for the better. Forever grateful." –Natalie, M.D.


"Because of Rose, my life has changed for the positive.  I found my path and direction because of her guidance and abilities." –Masha,

Ent. Entrepreneur 

"Rose’s knowledge is timeless and her clarity crisper than the most fragrant of flowers. Her kindness makes you feel safe as she guides you down the winding path of your life, shows you your astrological tendencies and from this vivid awareness springs forth all possibility.  Like the soft hum of a summer’s hymn, she whispers intuitive truths which in turn springs forth transformation. Such a gift!"–J.L., New York Observer columnist

"I utilize Rose Theodora's services whenever I need to hire a new employee or paralegal.  Her ability to forecast another's disposition and demeanor are uncanny.  I recommend her if you haven't much time to waste.  Thanks, Rose. "–Jim, Attorney


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