Astrology Readings

Intended to reconnect you to your natural rhythm, to articulate at your natal make-up and soul journey, to go deeper in your search for meaning.

Private 1:1 Mentorship

Astrology Mentorship, an in depth intense 1:1 twelve week course. 


– History of astrology

– Contemporary and Ancient synthesis

– Fundamental interpretations 


         Gift Certificates

Good for up to one year. Can purchase an amount or a specific reading, package to gift. Gift certificate sent via email.

Please email to purchase.

Planet Invocation Guides

Work intentionally with the planetary ingresses i.e. when a planet moves from sign to sign, and through it's retrograde and direct motions to harness the planets potency.

Jupiter Invocation Guide

Work with Jupiter's ingress into Capricorn, where it will be until December 19, 2020.


Wisdom, Abundance, Growth, Expansion


–Jupiter Natal placement definitions

–History and Mythology of Jupiter

–Jupiter meaning in Astrology 

–How to work with Jupiter in Capricorn to create results, structure, and materialize your goals.

–Invocation Instructions

–Altar Suggestions

–Jupiter herbs, metals, days + hours

Natal Chart Body Maps

A visual map of your natal chart as it pertains to the body. Esoteric symbolism portrayed through your elemental make-up. Please allow 1 week for delivery.

 Astrological Counseling

To support you in your journey of growth. Intended for those needing support, guidance, and or to connect to your own personal timing, and or to learn astrology. 

Personal mentorship, spiritual guidance, astrological timing, life changing.

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